SAP Implementation Services

SAP Business One Implementation Services - On premise & Cloud Services

Any Successful project follow a structured, phased approach. We provide SAP business one accelerated implementation that can make your business a live within "6-8 weeks". Meanwhile we offer a business consultation to our partners that can help them grow their businesses through technology to be a “live business”. During the journey of the transformation, we go through specific, clear, measurable, and tangible milestones as following: 

Phase 1

Project Preparation is the first phase in the implementation, during which the customer transitions from the sales cycle to implementation mode and includes:
  • Create a project plan for the implementation
  • Conduct an official kick-off meeting with the customer team
  • Deliver and install the SAP Business One software and demo database at the customer site.

Phase 2

Business Blueprint 
is the second phase in the project and the project team focuses on a detailed analysis of the customer’s business processes and requirements. The requirements are now mapped to a solution in SAP Business One. The documentation of the solution is known as the business blueprint.

Phase 3

Project Realization 
is the heart of the project, and in this phase the consultants implement all the business process and technical requirements defined during the previous phase. In addition, the legacy master data is migrated.
The newly-built system and master data is validated and tested by the customer using a test copy of the customer database. All issues arising during testing should be logged and resolved before moving onto the next phase.

Phase 4 

 Final Preparation 
phase coves the time period prior to go-live. During this phase, the SAP Business One system and the client organization are transitioned into production mode.This includes training end users to use the new system.
Accounting balances and final transactions from the legacy system are transferred to the production system. The transfer of the balances takes place before go-live in what is called the “cutover” period. The actual switch to go-live happens at the end of this phase.

Phase 5

Go-Live and Support 
is the final phase in the project. As the name suggests, the newly-built system is now running in production.
The implementation team should monitor and resolve any critical problems, then hand over the system to the customer team, to the partner support organization, and to SAP support.